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Wellness for the Entire Family

Spirit, Soul, & Body

I have come that you have LIFE and have it in ABUNDANCE. -Jesus

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Loretta A. Farrell, MD

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I have come that you have LIFE and have it in ABUNDANCE.


Abundant Wellness was birthed by Dr. Loretta Farrell. Dr. Farrell is board certified in Family Medicine and has been providing exceptional health care in the Tulsa area since 1992. Her vision is to see the WHOLE person treated. She cares about you physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. She wants to help you be well and be whole.  Such a wholeness that encompasses your entire being: body, soul and spirit, and such a wellness that will abundantly overflow from your life into the lives of your family and those you love.


Dr. Loretta Farrell's goal is not just to help you live a good life, but to live your life to its’ full potential. To achieve this, she uses a wholistic bio-psycho-social-spiritual model to strive to understand the potential root causes of the areas in which you struggle. Then, together with her, you will come up with a plan for gradual lifestyle change with the goal of actually fixing the problem rather than simply applying a bandage to stop the bleeding (ie. by only giving you more medicine). She is an excellent "health coach" to walk with you down the road to becoming and remaining well and whole.   

Abundant Wellness provides care for the entire family specializes in the following:

-Wellness & disease prevention for the entire family

-Addiction treatment with Suboxone

-Wholistic Functional medicine

-Bioidentical, Biomimetic Hormone Replacement Therapy


-Minor skin surgeries

Abundant Wellness is located in Owasso, Oklahoma. Call us today and schedule an appointment.



8787 N. Owasso Expressway Suite J

Owasso, OK 74055

Tel: 918 -516 -2296

Fax: 918-516-2801

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