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Loretta A. Farrell, MD

Dr. Farrell is board certified in Family Medicine and has been providing exceptional health care in the Tulsa area since 1992.  Her passion is in changing lives through preventative and lifestyle medicine.  She loves to help patients make permanent lifestyle changes in a step by step method that is not overwhelming.  She will work with you as a medical health coach and walk with you down the path to wellness.  She loves being a "medical detective" to help find the root cause of your symptoms.  She will not place a "band aid" over wounds or disguise symptoms so you FEEL well, but will search until the most basic cause of the "dis-ease" is found and work with you as a partner to help you make the changes necessary to "fix the problem" at its root so you ARE WELL.

Dr. Farrell loves to look at her patients in their total life context: a "bio-psycho-social-spiritual" approach to wellness which is unique to each patient.  With her team, each of these 4 facets in a patients life is explored for keys to the current disease process.  These are then all integrated into the plan to fix the problems from the root up.  Dr. Farrell loves to pray with her patients about their concerns and to seek wisdom from Great Physician.  As doctors, we treat illnesses and journey with patients towards wellness,  but only God heals.  The spiritual aspect of our lives is often neglected, yet plays a vital role in our well-being.  God alone heals and restores the human body, as He created it, for complete wholeness.  

Dr. Farrell has cared for adults and children in every area of family medicine as an OMNI St. John Physician for almost 16 years.  She moved on to practice corporate preventative medicine for 3 years prior to opening her own medical clinic. She has experience in working with a broad team of experts in primary care and wellness, pain management, hormone replacement, and comprehensive therapy including Physical, Occupational, Speech and Pulmonary.


Dr. Farrell studied medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.  She holds a BA in Psychology with Magna Cum Laude also from the University of Rochester and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society.  She moved to Tulsa to do her specialty training at In His Image Family Practice Residency Program.  Upon graduation with honors, she decided to settle in the Tulsa area.  Dr. Farrell's favorite hat that she wears is being a mother to three wonderful children. 

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