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Membership Program

Welcome to our Primary Care Practice specializing in Personalized Medicine, Disease Prevention and Wellness through our Membership Program. This membership program is similar to a "concierge" or "VIP" model. As a member of the practice you will receive same day/next day access for urgent appointments, an annual physical including an EKG, discounted lab fees and $100 worth of products we carry in our office (e.g. supplements and CBD products). Any other appointments will be billed as usual, to your insurance with deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays as stated by your plan. For cash patients without insurance, you will be charged a similar co-pay per visit in addition to the membership fee. We limit our total membership number to the first 600 patients and keep a waiting list. This membership program allows better access, decreased wait time, and flexibility when scheduling.

Download our Membership Fees

For an individual patient:

For couples:

For Young Adults (Ages 18-35)

For Young Adult Couples (Ages 18-35)

For children whose parents are not members: (One Child)

For children whose parents are not members: (Two Children)

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